Welcome to The Newtons Academy! The entity that will carry out various educational and training activities and will be open to clients, executives, students, and the general public.

The Newtons Academy includes training programs and seminars, themed workshops, workshops with our clients and synergies with the academic community. At the same time, it will incorporate the various studies, reports, surveys, announcements, and publications that are regularly issued by our Strategy, Research & Data department.

This initiative started with the first cycle of workshops and trainings for new talents in the field of advertising and communication. Launched in November 2019 and at this first stage it was open to aspiring copywriters.  

The program invited senior and fresh graduates of Greek and foreign universities, lasted four weeks and after its completion, some of the participants continued their education through a three-month paid internship at our creative department. Most of them still work with us as copywriters.

Stay tuned for the next Newtons Academy call that will be announced in 2022!