Newtons’ Young Lions roared and it shows. And now Cannes will see it too. 3 April, 2024 See you there with the first prizes in the Film and Print categories, as well as the third prize... Read More »
Pythia delivered her prophecy and we obeyed. With a vengeance. 8 March, 2024 So, we embraced our artistic side, for this year to go ✨smoothly✨ as well.  Thank you, Pythia! 🍎! #thenewtonsdelphiforum #thenewtonslaboratory... Read More »
17 students wore Newton’s wig and graduated from our 2nd Academy. 15 February, 2024 17 Newtons are now ready to take their first steps in the advertising industry. We are truly proud and... Read More »
The Newtons Academy Vol2! 30 November, 2023 For the second year, The Newtons Academy welcomes new participants to a series of creativity workshops, this time designed... Read More »
An idea that gives ideas. Our new work for IKEA in shots 7 November, 2023 Learn more: Read More »
Cresta Awards turned 30 years old this year and we joined this celebration with 2 awards and 2 shortlists. 2 October, 2023 TheNewtonsLaboratory/videos /653698846872998 Read More »
Another silver award (the highest received in films) for our Monster, in the Creativepool competition. 13 September, 2023 Many kudos to the teams that participated in the project and continue to collect awards. Read More »
The odd homes of Protergia got into the best ads of July at shots 12 July, 2023…/protergias-disorganised-dwellings Read More »
Our jumbled Garbage Monster is still going strong… on awards! 19 May, 2023 Bronze Cube at the ADC • Global Awards & Club – part of The One Club for Creativity!And 4... Read More »
Welcome Newton baby. “Na sas zisei Tzo”. 11 May, 2023
The second Workshop of The Newtons Academy is ready and this time it is designed for both copywriters and art directors. 4 May, 2023 If you want to see your inner Newton grow and develop submit your application for the 2nd Copywriting and... Read More »
I AM SOFT, I AM STRONG. WHAT AM I? We are excited to announce our support as sponsors to I AM A VULVA. 30 April, 2023 A project by our own @effie_emmanouilidi in collaboration with her art collective @planet_sisterhood, which takes place at @taf_theartfoundation in Monastiraki from Thursday 4 May... Read More »
AI did not work as expected, for our Easter card! So let’s get going to our Easter destinations! 13 April, 2023 See you again on April 19! Read More »
Proud we created one of the “Top 5 socially responsible campaigns of the month”! Thank you ACT Responsible. Thank you ELEPAP. 10 March, 2023 Best Socially Responsible Advertisements and Campaigns of the Month Apr 12, 2023 ( Read More »
Welcome Newton baby. “Na sas zisei Eleni”. 20 February, 2023
Cheers to a dark Holiday Season with our Christmas Photoshooting! 21 December, 2022 We wish you all to find ‘the Thing” you are looking for! Enjoy us at our best! Read More »
Our jumbled Garbage Monster, and the equally jumbled music he listens to, traveled to the Epica Awards and returned with an award. 12 December, 2022 Thank you once again to our client Region of Attica, ESDNA and our partners Boo Productions S.A., PostFaust VFX and Bounce Music &... Read More »
Welcome Newton baby. Welcome Mr. Rebelos Junior. 5 December, 2022
The Newtons Academy, in collaboration with @asifahellas, hosted the first Animators Open Day, welcoming CGI and animation artists from across Greece. 2 December, 2022 The artists had the opportunity to display their work, meet our team, and talk with us about their area... Read More »
A stroll in Athens was enough for us to spot our “models” for the new campaign of EDSNA and the Region of Attica. 1 December, 2022 Without much thought, we started taking pictures of them while at the same time… helping them out of the... Read More »
Happiness is found in the simple, the humble, the monsters and the music. 3 humble shortlists at the Epica Awards. 24 November, 2022 We thank our customers OPAP & EDSNA – Attica RegionAnd our partners Boo Productions S.A. – Filmiki Productions – PostFaust VFX– Bounce Music & Sound Productions Read More »
“At @shots, no alarm clock is needed anymore.” 21 November, 2022 more at Read More »
After two years of waiting, the Cannes Deconstructed is back! 7 October, 2022 On Friday September 30, our company hosted the Cannes Deconstructed, where Georgia Malden -from the pioneering Contagious organization- brought us the most important... Read More »
The Monster of our campaign for the Region of Attica and the Association of Municipalities of Attica, got a Silver Drum at Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity. 26 September, 2022 We would like to thank all our partners and especially Faust for this amazing work. Also Boo Productions & Bounce Music & Sound... Read More »
We are very proud and happy for having co-produced “Ekei pou Zoume”, a film by the all-time favorite Sotiris Goritsas. 15 September, 2022 Some of the best Greek actors and actresses come together in a -not at all fearless- adventure. In theaters... Read More »
We are adfreak(s) ! Our monster is now roaming around Adweek (“The Monster”, EDSNA). 18 August, 2022 more at This Ad Builds a Monster Out of Trash to Encourage Recycling ( Read More »
New campaign for the Ministry for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection. 4 August, 2022 We do not light a fire during the Fire Protection Period; any small flame can lead to a huge... Read More »
The Newtons 2k22 Champions. 2 July, 2022 Who knew that in our first participation in the Commercial Basketball League, we would be the ones singing “we... Read More »
Newtons will be out until 21/4. Happy easter. 18 April, 2022
Better late than never, we enjoyed the “Kopi tis pitas”, the Newtons way! Cheers to all the fantastic projects ahead! 1 April, 2022
Our equality campaign for Piraeus Bank got into Shots. 8 March, 2022 more at Read More »
Welcome Newton baby. “Na sas zisei Alex”. 16 February, 2022
We love running. Campaigns. That’s why we are glad to welcome Cosmos Sport as one of our clients! 7 February, 2022
We are cheese lovers, and we prove it. Welcome, Kolios! 4 February, 2022
Our new anti-doping movie has a healthful “Shot”. 16 December, 2021 more at Read More »
Epica Awards! 10 December, 2021 Silence is Golden, after all. Another significant distinction for our film, for the Greek Ministry of Health, that won... Read More »
A group of volunteers for volunteers, celebrating International Volunteer Day. 5 December, 2021 The Newtons Laboratory, in collaboration with Gravity The Newtons, on the occurrence of World Volunteer Day and as part... Read More »
We’re so proud of our award at the London International Awards! 17 November, 2021 Congratulations to the entire WIND team and our partners at AVION FILMS, Musou Music Group and Vassilis Bourandas. #liaawards Read More »
Newtons Kids Collection Hoodies for our little ones. 16 November, 2021 This is a test photo for our lookbook before the real photos from our models 🙂 Read More »
A new discipline from The Newtons Laboratory is live. 5 November, 2021 BCI – Business Creativity & Innovation – is founded to provide even more value to our customers through innovative... Read More »
Welcome Newton baby. Welcome Mr. Klaras Junior. 3 November, 2021
We are delighted to welcome Minerva. Brava Newtons! 1 November, 2021
Wines is bottled poetry … and we love reading poetry. Welcome Boutaris wineries, we are honored. 20 October, 2021
Known for our environmental sensitivity, we welcome EDSNA and we commit to do our best for this special project. 5 October, 2021
Winners in housekeeping and not only …! Happy to win BSH pitch and renew our beautiful and fruitful partnership. 29 September, 2021
New creative team is in the works. Welcome Olga Naltsiou. 23 September, 2021
We are known for our drinking “ability”! Welcome LIFE, it will be a blast. 21 September, 2021
Welcome Newton baby. John and Gianna “na sas zisei” 31 August, 2021
Off to vacations! Have fun, but most of all be safe! We ll be back on 23rd August. 6 August, 2021
A new Gravity baby fell of the tree. “Na sas zisei Elena”. 19 May, 2021
Newtons will be out until 5/5. Happy easter 23 April, 2021
And the OSCAR goes to Protergia and Giannis! 11 February, 2021 ATHENS VOICE readers voted for the best AD of 2020 and “Protergia | Έτσι δείχνουμε το δρόμο προς το... Read More »
A French bulldog with a British accent. Emma is now part of the Newtons Family. 11 February, 2021
We are happy and delightful to start 2021 with a new special member in our family. 8 January, 2021 Welcome Orfeas! A brave ELEPAP kid is now also a brave Newton kid. Read More »