Ministry of Health

The Mask

Wearing a mask to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is seemingly the simplest thing we have been asked to do during this strange, difficult period. Well, obviously, it wasn’t that simple. Thousands of people refused wearing one, and many more refused to wear it properly. That got us thinking: if wearing a mask is so hard for someone who doesn’t live with any other serious impediments… how hard must it be for a person who by wearing it is literally unable to communicate?

In this addition to our Vaccination campaign, we explore how a deaf young man has been coping with the pandemic. Reading lips and expressions plays a big role in a deaf person’s communication, so wearing a mask is not just an aesthetic issue for our protagonist, but a much broader one. Still, he is the first one to wear a mask and the first one to ask of all of us to do the same, exactly because he can’t wait for all this to be over.