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An optical Twitter case study in social media from The Newtons Laboratory.

Andy Warhol believed that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Andy Warhol was visionary – but it was Twitter on the evening of 9/11/2011 and while Greece is looking forward to announcing new prime minister amid widespread crisis, a news stirs even more – anyway uncomfortable “water” more direct Social Media, ie Twitter: Makis Psomiadis arrested in Skopje . The news, in particular the name ‘ Makis Psomiadis’ make ‘ circles ‘ of Greek twitter Forgetting (?) while the major issue of the day was the election of the new Prime Minister. And not only. Due to the volume of tweets becomes something unexpected, something almost magical (which has happened a few times for Greek theme) : In the twitter Makis Psomiadis is Global , so reread it, World trending topic (Worldwide TT).