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There are good news. They come from our fellow citizens who create and evolve during the crisis , carrying with success abroad Greek products and ideas . The A.V. in collaboration with The Newtons Laboratory- another Greek success story , a new and already award-winning advertising agency – present Greek success stories . This time tells the story of the «The Newtons Laboratory».

“The The Newtons Laboratory and this is born of crisis . Born in the crisis of people who believe that they can achieve their goals , despite the adverse conditions that prevailed and continue to prevail in the country. We managed , it is true, in a short time to establish ourselves in the market shaken . We supported our clients in this process and we are grateful for it. The beginning was difficult , but the team was experienced , capable and determined to try long enough to succeed. In every new beginning one must demonstrate again its value on a daily basis and especially in this situation , the pressure faced by all sectors of the market are not forgiven mistakes .

Today , 1.5 years later, the situation in the country has not only improved, but rather has deteriorated . And this makes our job much more important. The ad depicts somewhat the general feeling and creates trends . The current situation requires great caution, especially in communication style . There is a widespread feeling of frustration and insecurity , thus there is less tolerance even in humor , people have now become very suspicious .

In this situation , the need for proper communication is greater than ever . These same companies have a need not just an advertisement for their product, but a total support , a ” concurrence ” would say . And the advertising side must be very targeted and more effective than ever . There is a need for new and innovative things , but there is no room even for a euro lost investing. This is a dipole that sounds tight , but it is the reality we must face .
The chips are constantly trying to evolve and adapt to the current needs of people . And we, for our part , we live and breathe for how we can continually create new and effective communication actions . The close cooperation and continuous initiative are two elements that are necessary.

The ingredients for success are the same for all sectors . Insistence on quality and openness . One of the good aspects of the crisis , however , is that one learns to appreciate the quality . The truth is that for many years we operated with the aim to increase our sizes , mainly financial . Now we begin to realize that diversification is not always apparent from the size , but rather on a commitment to our values , the accuracy of how consistent we are in constant effort to do even better what we do.

The deterioration is inside favors extrovert . Greece needs to raise its profile and its performance at international level in all areas . It is no coincidence that there is now a real explosion of Greek products and Greek entrepreneurs , who understand that the solution to some extent come from the outside . We saw some very remarkable efforts in previous issues of this small tribute , who frankly deserve congratulations .

The upgrade of Greek products has an important role communication and branding. The quality is usually present . In this never had a particular problem . Now slowly and we make the necessary image must have Greek products abroad . With proper targeting and positioning of the products and the dramatic improvement in the matter of branding and elements that the consumer is looking for the rest of a product derived from Greece . Especially in food have a significant advantage , in recent years has been assessed and the value of the Mediterranean diet worldwide . The local products are now the best ” ambassador ” of each region , we see it working in tourism . We, at the corporate level , we have chosen as gifts Greek certified products that we put our own label .

We are optimistic that we will see even more and very significant efforts in all sectors , also we have demonstrated that , when we want to accomplish, rather wonders and this time we made a bet with ourselves to win .


and when you read it you roll your eyes because sure