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WIND with its F2G pre paid telephony was distinguished in international level for its advertising campaign «Robbery», since it won the gold award in the Communication Services category at Epica Awards 2012 institution.

WIND F2G won its third distinction for creative communication in renowned advertising awards institutions with international range. In July, the most discussed «Robbery» got until the shortlist of the 59th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, while, a little earlier, it won an important distinction at Ermis Awards 2012.


«Epica Awards 2012 is the third international awards institution that honored us. Epica is a significant international distinction for Greek advertisement, since the jury is consisted of sector’s journalists from many countries. If you take a look at he winners, you will see a long list of global brands – now WIND is amongst them. We are proud of our advertisement team. We would like to thank especially ‘’The Newtons Laboratory, ‘’Filmiki’’ and director Nteni Iliadi for their perfect cooperation in order to communicate in the most creative way the economy that WIND F2G offers to consumers» stated Yiannis Gavrielides-On-Line Marketing Communication & Consumer Prepaid Executive Director.


The awarded advertising TV spot for WIND F2G introduced the service to Greek consumers for inexpensive calls to all networks. It takes place in a bank with agony and suspense climaxing since the first moment, creating an atmosphere of a Hollywood action movie. A group of robbers invades a bank in order to commit robbery. However, customers and employees get lucky, since the clumsiness of the robbers doesn’t allow them to carry it out. The leader of the team faces great difficulties in explaining the meaning of «all», since it seems that everyone understands something different.