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As Andy Fennell, Chief Marketing Officer of Diageo, pointed out, ”millions of people around the world connect with our brands every day , creating incredibly dynamic relationships that operate critical to the continued success of our business. Our brands is our lifeblood . I am extremely encouraged by the ceaseless pursuit of our partners to implement pioneering campaigns , but also to implement them with distinction”.

The «Keep Walking Greece» came to respond to psychological frustration and embarrassment of the Greek and Greek in the midst of crisis . Invite people to share photos and messages of optimism . Invest in maturity of thought and abilities . To synthesize views and “walk” to their own visions , highlighting the best . Displays a nutshell the creative power of the collective soul .

The campaign was based on the famous song «You will never walk alone». Relied on a unique idea of implementing ” Inspire dialogue” , which spread to both electronic and conventional instruments. Accomplished in a short time the widespread involvement of consumers in this initiative , creating positive emotions and predisposition towards the brand.

The results of the campaign in terms of public involvement was impressive and exceeded all expectations :

  • The exposure through paid media reached 75 % ( with an initial target of 57 % ) .
  • The relative viral video reached 450,000 viewings on YouTube.New ones added 20,000 Facebook fans, with 7,000 likes, 6,000 shares and 1,200 comments on posts
  • Handled more than 1200 tweets.H publicity earned media ( articles, television broadcasts , radio reports ) exceeded 1.2 million euros.
  • To perhaps most important result was that the Johnnie Walker regained relevance as a brand. Entachthike effectively in social dialogue in Greece , strengthening the idea of collective progress .

The Award Ceremony